Dianna M. Sapara
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What is Encaustic Wax Paintings?

Encaustic is a Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in” (enkaustikos). Heat is used throughout the process, from melting the beeswax and varnish to fusing the layers of wax. Encaustic consists of natural bees wax and damar resin (crystallized tree sap). The medium can be used alone for its transparency or adhesive qualities or used pigmented. 


A Little About Dianna Sapara

Growing up in rural Alberta surrounded by natures beauty, has left a permanent mark in Dianna’s heart and soul. She started sketching at an early age and as a reminder she reflects from time to time on some of those early drawings and paintings. Throughout her life, she has used many mediums, taking a lifetime of classes, from professional artists in Canada and the USA.

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